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Revita Salon is a hair additions studio specializing in women’s hair loss solutions. We at Revita Salon, have a deep passion for helping women struggling with Alopecia, Trichotillomania and many other causes of hair loss. We are here to guide you through the process of finding the right hair solution for you with compassion and understanding. We offer only the best quality extensions and hair replacement available. We also offer color correction services that do not compromise the integrity of the hair. In addition to hair replacement, extensions and color, we also provide cuts and styles to keep you up to date and looking fabulous. Located in sunny Sarasota Florida, we are a secluded and private salon that keeps all our clients confidential with a one on one consultation It is our passion to guide you through the best solution for your hair so you can look and feel like a new woman again. No matter what your hair has been through, we will find the best solution possible to bring it back to life!

Hannah's Story

Hannah burnett | founder

Hannah, founder of Revita Salon, is a licensed cosmetologist with years of personal and professional experience helping women with their hair transformations. I myself have struggled for many years with a hair loss condition called Trichotillomania. Beginning at the age of just thirteen, I started to notice I was pulling my own hair out. Not even conscious of what I was doing, I began to notice spotting on my scalp-you know that awful feeling you got the first time you saw one of those wonderful missing patches of hair? And so began the exhausting task of concealing those spots so that no one would notice. I tried everything you could imagine, but nothing seemed to work. I spent my teen years going to many different doctors and psychologists trying to find an explanation for what I had & for what I was doing, but not one of them could tell me what was wrong. I felt confused, alone and completely misunderstood. Everyone kept asking me “Why can’t you just stop?”. I had the very same question, “Why can’t I just stop?!?”. It was at the age of eighteen that I finally learned that my condition was called Trichotillomania. The one person who made a huge influence on my life and played a major role for me discovering what I had, was my friend, Amber! We had been friends for years, and in a very dark moment in my life I confided in her about what I was experiencing and she helped me through the initial steps of finding cosmetic solutions that changed my life forever. Since then, my life has been dramatically different. I feel beautiful, and confident and with the knowledge I now have, I know that I don’t have to feel ashamed anymore. I was able to get the answers I was looking for as well as find a cosmetic solution. It was life changing! For the first time I felt understood and not alone. Through my own personal discoveries, I also discovered there were millions of other people just like me. Knowing that all of these women were suffering in silence because of the shame that they had felt ignited a passion in me to change lives the same way mine had been changed. I would love to talk with you and share your journey and struggles and help guide you so you don't feel alone and discouraged. Call us today at Revita Salon so we can help you find the right hair solution for you! Hannah Founder | Hair Additions Specialist Trichotillomania Specialist



Reported in the United States

2-10 million people suffer from Trichotillomania, That's almost 5% of the population. This condition makes you pull out your own hair causing trauma to the scalp and possible baldness.

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40 percent of women, in the US have some sort of hair loss or thinning of the hair.


10 million women have Alopecia in the US causing hair loss and sensitive scalps that cant be treated by doctors or lasers.

Knowing your not alone and there is help can change your life forever!